Visitors’ Comments

Canadian visitors

A couple visiting from Quebec in Canada said:

Very, very helpful.

A couple from Thornbury said:

Wonderfully presented, very interesting museum. Thank you to all the volunteers!

Two visitors from Australia said:

Great collection!

A couple from Sydney, Australia said:

Lots of information on the Castle and town.  Great work!  Well done.

A family from Redland in Bristol wrote:

Thank you all.  The staff very kind.  The children enjoyed the mouse hunter game.

A seven year-old girl from Birmingham wrote in the Visitors’ Book:

The museum is amazing

…. and then, four days later, she visited again and wrote in the Visitors’ Book:

I did the mouse hunt and couled in a piture.

A German-speaking couple wrote:

Es ist ein sehr schönes, kleines Museum. Es hat uns sehr gefallen. [This is a lovely little museum. We like it very much.]

A visitor from Reading in Berkshire wrote:

Lovely little museum.

A young girl from Gloucester wrote:

Rele fun!

A couple from Co. Kerry in Ireland wrote:

Fantastic visit to your lovely museum.  Very friendly staff.  Thank you so much.

A parent from Thornbury wrote:

Incredibly interesting.  I’ve lived in Thornbury all my life and never realised what a great place this is.  I’ll be back without kids to have a proper look!

A couple from Oldland Common wrote:

Fabulous, interesting museum.  Staff were great in helping me to try to find out more about my grandfather’s clock.

A couple from Dursley said:

An interesting medical display.  Very welcoming staff.

A mother from Olveston wrote:

A lovely day for all the family.  My kids loved finding the mice.

A family of three from Bristol wrote:

Small but perfectly formed!!  Going home to dig in the garden!!…  (this, after seeing the story of the Thornbury Coin Hoard)

A couple from Cwmbran, South Wales wrote:

A real delight and insight into Thornbury’s history.  Ladies very knowledgeable.  Excellent.  Highly recommended.

A mother from Alveston wrote:

Great Mouse Hunt – great way to introduce children to their local history.

A couple from New Zealand wrote:

Mice!  And Castles!  Huzzah!

A couple from Buckinghamshire wrote:

A lovely little museum, well worth a visit.  Thank you to the volunteers who created the Castle exhibit.  Excellent.

A visitor from St Albans said:

Great BAC exhibition – love all the memories it’s provoking from visitors!

A visitor from Swansea said:

Most enjoyable. I really enjoyed my visit – such interesting exhibits and information.

A couple from Dursley said:

Very, very interesting – and lovely volunteers.

A visitor from Bristol said:

Great exhibition on Aerospace at Filton – nice to see the Rolls Royce model engines and loved the flying car!

A visitor from Amesbury in Wiltshire said:

Very good exhibition. The recordings were particularly interesting and brought the period to life. Very clear memories.

Someone from the local village of Alveston said:

A real insight into local history. Loved the Quaker exhibition. Thank you.

A man from Clifton said:

Loved the wealth of Quaker life and hospitality of helpers.

A couple from Victoria, Canada, said:

Lovely town, great job on the museum!

A local boy said:

Was very helpful for my ‘Romans’ school project.

A couple from Cirencester said:


Someone from London said:

What a fascinating museum, with so much of interest from my childhood to see. I plan to return soon.

A man from Thornbury said:

Local history is great. Also that people give their time and effort to preserve it.

A man from Bognor Regis in West Sussex said:

Our past can really inspire.

Someone from Cardiff said:

People here are really fascinated and helpful with local and family history.

Someone from North Finchley in London said:

I was delighted to visit the museum and see such an interesting collection – my father’s family were from Thornbury.

A couple from the local village of Tockington,visiting the Quakers exhibition, said:

Astonishing. Restores my faith in human nature.

A couple from Toronto, Canada, said:

Wonderfully inviting local museum – a tribute to volunteers who care about their community, past, present and future. Congratulations!

A local boy, overheard, after experiencing the fire engine’s visit to the museum:

That was totally awesome!


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