miceWe’re just a small museum – but that makes us a good size for families with children. They don’t have to walk for miles and miles!

Hunt the Mice!

We’ve hidden colourful little knitted mice in many of the display cabinets. See how many your children can find. Can they work out what the other objects in the cases are, so that they can describe where they found them?

At the end of their visit, when they’ve counted up all the mice, your children can report back to the friendly people on the front desk.  As a reward for their effort, they’ll be allowed to choose a mouse to take home!

Activity Box

In the Roman Coins room, there’s an Activity Box for children. Look out for the friendly face of Smartacus.

There are coin rubbings to do, pictures to colour, Roman coins to be designed and mosaics to be made.

Your children can don white gloves and try sorting different kinds of Roman pottery fragments. What kind of objects would these broken fragments have come from?


Heritage Trail


If you want to take your children for a walk around the town, following trail markers and finding information boards about the town’s history, check out the details on our Heritage Trail page.

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