questionmarkAnswering your queries

We receive queries from all over the world, about all kinds of things related to our local area.

We try to answer these if we can or suggest other possible sources of information. We don’t charge a fee for this service but donations to “Thornbury & District Heritage Trust” are most welcome.

If, as a result of corresponding with us, you discover we hold something in which you are interested and you would like to see it in person, please contact us to arrange an appointment for this.

If your question is about people or places in Thornbury itself, you could start by exploring Thornbury Roots, a website put together by museum researchers.

We are now located within South Gloucestershire but used to be in the county of Gloucestershire. Many local historical records are located at either Gloucestershire Archives or Bristol Record Office.

You may therefore find it useful to have a look at this: A Guide to Archive Sources for the History of South Gloucestershire.  It tells you which record office holds particular documents. (This is a large document so it may take a while to download. However, you can save it and read it at your leisure.)


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