Sponsor the Quilt

The Thornbury Quilt


This amazing quilt was found in a farmhouse in Shepperdine after lying untouched for perhaps a hundred years.

It was made in 1900 to raise money for the new Thornbury vicarage and it is likely that individual squares were sponsored at that time.

We are following this tradition of sponsorship to raise funds to cover the purchase of the quilt by the museum, making this a treasure saved for Thornbury by as many local people as possible.

You can join us in securing the future of this unique quilt for Thornbury for the future.

We invite you to sponsor one or more squares of your choice,  perhaps featuring a flower, a bird or important initials.

We are suggestions donations of between £5 and £10 a square and hope you will look towards the higher figure when sponsoring the more elaborate squares.

You can find a full description of the Thornbury Quilt and its individual squares at SPONSOR THE QUILT. (If the picture isn’t the right way up, just right click on it and choose Rotate or go to View/Rotate.)   The easiest way to sponsor squares is just to pop into the museum, where the volunteer staff on the front desk will be pleased to help you.

We hope you will want to help us save this treasure for the town!

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