Our museum is a former cottage, with fairly small rooms, so access isn’t as easy everywhere as we would like.

  • There is level access at the front entrance into our Reception area and Bookshop and into the hall and the room telling the story of the Thornbury Roman Coin Hoard.
  • There is one step down into our downstairs front room.
  • There is a narrow steep staircase (with a banister) to the upper floor.
  • There is a step down from the landing into the upper front room.


But we try to make our collection as accessible as possible:

  • Our volunteer staff are always ready to help in any way they can.
  • There is a downstairs computer which gives access to rolling slide shows of the history of Thornbury and district, as well as to our sister website, Thornbury Roots, where you can explore local and family history.
  • Downstairs, there are Browsing Files containing information on many aspects of Thornbury history.
  • There is a folding chair in each room for the use of visitors.
  • Labels and text panels in the museum use a font size of at least 18.
  • There is a RADAR toilet behind the museum.


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