Thornbury market sheep auctionWhat do we collect?

Our collection includes objects, documents, photographs and digital images, which all help to tell the story of Thornbury and the surrounding villages.

Some of the collection is in store here in the museum. Items from the store are used for exhibitions and can also be accessed, by arrangement, for research.

Our storage space is very limited so we can only accept items of local interest which we know we can care for properly. We would encourage you to come and have a conversation about any items you are thinking of donating.

Photographs, however, with a local historical interest, take up very little space and are easy for us to store. If you want to keep your originals, we can scan them and keep a copy in the museum photo archive. We love seeing people’s old photos of people and places in the area, especially if you can tell us what we’re seeing!


The museum has a Collections Development Policy.  Please contact the museum if you would like a copy.

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