Kids’ activities at the museum

Kids Activity: Tue 04 Feb 2020 - Sat 19 Dec 2020
Venue: The Museum Admission: FREE

Lots of lovely things to explore and do and find out about!

If you settle into our Children’s Corner, you can colour or draw or play word games.

Do you like colouring pictures?  See if you can find a lady in Tudor dress to colour in.  Design your own coat of arms.  You can even design your own Tudor floor tile.

If you like puzzles, find the picture sheet of Crowns and use your detective skills to join the words and the pictures.

Or you can do a Word Search – lots of words about the Tudors and Henry VIII to find!

Perhaps you’d like to explore the museum and see what unusual and interesting things you can find out about the place where you live and go shopping?   Bet you can discover things your parents don’t know!

Also… for our younger visitors…

…if you can find all the little knitted mice that are hiding around the museum, you can choose one of these to take home.

Something for everyone!

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