History in the Making

Exhibition: Tue 02 Feb 2016 - Sat 23 Apr 2016
Venue: The Museum Admission: FREE

Made in Thornbury….

An exhibition about things made and produced in our area (hence the title: History in the Making)– from leather items to ploughs – with stories of gunpowder and pigeon poo along the way!

Did you know that the Mumtaz restaurant in Thornbury stands next to the site of an Elizabethan tannery? Katherine Rippe, who died in 1594, left the Tan House to her nephew.  Hers was just one of many Thornbury leather-making businesses over the centuries.  (There were seven different Thornbury tanners in 1784, for instance.)

Savery’s, that well-known Thornbury shop, has been run by four generations of Saverys, starting with Mark Savery in 1871. He invented a plough (the Savery plough) which sold as far afield as Australia – yours for only four pounds ten shillings!

There are lots of fascinating tales, all based on local historical documents and researched by museum volunteers. Don’t forget the gunpowder and pigeon poo!

Alongside the stories are hundreds of objects made and used by local producers. One visit won’t be enough to take it in.  Luckily, entrance is free, so you can come back often!

As always, museum volunteers will be keen to hear your stories of locally made items  We value your local knowledge!

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