The Thornbury Quilt

Exhibition: Tue 19 Apr 2022 - Tue 19 Dec 2023
Venue: The Museum Admission: FREE

We’ve brought the story of the discovery of the Thornbury Quilt downstairs to our front room.

Created to raise funds for the building of a new vicarage in Thornbury, the quilt lay, for many years, forgotten and discarded.

You can find out about the amazing accidental discovery of this beautiful, historically fascinating piece of work, made in 1900, and showcasing many of the local traders who operated in our market town at that time.

By sponsoring a square, the local shirtmaker or bicycle shop owner or commercial photographer could have their names embroidered on the quilt, along with a stitched emblem of their trade.

It’s a mine of wonderful information and local schoolchildren often research the people and businesses depicted in the different squares, using early 20th century censuses and town directories.  Now, that’s a fun way to learn history!

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